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David Boreanaz


David was born on May 16th 1971 in Buffalo, New York. His family moved to Philadelphia when his dad Dave Roberts a former showman became a tv weatherman for WPVI.

David attended Malvern Prep school . David used to play American Football before he had to pack it in due to injury.

He decided that he wanted to become an actor after his parents took him to see "The King And I" at the theatre. After he had graduated from high school, David attended Ithaca college in New York where he studied for a film degree. After 4 years of study in New York and a film degree, David decided to move to Los Angeles so that he could be involved somewhere in the production in films. I dont even think that Boreanaz himself would of realised that he was going to become a big TV star.

In 1993 David appeared in Aspen Extreme and Best of the best II he appeared as an extra in both films. He also landed his first television role as Frank in, Married with children for one episode on the FOX network like Nicholas Brendon.

During 1994 and 1995 David appeared in the stage shows Hatful of rain and Italian-American reconciliation. He also had various other jobs such as selling meat and even parking cars.

In 1996 he performed in an Equity waiver production of Fool for love. 1996 was a special year for David as it was this yeat that he signed up for an acting agency. This came about after he was spotted by the manager of the Agency as he was out walking Bertha Blue. The next day, Boreanaz auditioned for the show "Buffy The Vampire Slayer."

Buffy the vampire slayer was a huge success and is gaining more fans everyday by the end third season, David was given his own spin-off show Angel, which looks likely to follow in the footsteps of Buffy. This occured after Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Angel decided to split up and Angel left Sunnydale to go to LA to try and repay the world for all of his crimes.

In late 1998, Boreanaz became a spokesman for Levi's Original Spin program, making promotional appearances around America, designing some custom jeans that were auctioned off to help the organisation peace 2000. Boreanaz has recently finished the film "The Valentine" co Starring Denise Richards. What else is there to become in the near future for David?