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Alexis Denisof

("Rogue Demon hunter" Wesley Wyndam-Price)

Audiences were first introduced to Alexis Denisof as the faithful, yet powerless,and gutless watcher in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now he brings his charm and wit to his role as demon hunter Wesley Wyndam-Price on Angel but as it seems, a much more tougher role that his really weak role he played in Buffy.

A native of Salisbury, Md, Denisof grew up in Seattle, where he began his acting career in productions at the distinguished ACT. Following high school, Denisof continued his training overseas when he was accepted at the prestigious London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts, In England. Upon graduation, he gained his first national exposure in a George Harrison rock video, which led to his feature film debut in the British film Murder Story.He starred also in True Blue, First Night and the Misadventures of Margaret

While in London, Denisof enjoyed an equally prolific stage career, appearing in many plays including Hamlet where he was opposite Ian McKlellen

He has also been in some TV projects such as Noah's Ark and Hostile Waters.