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Emma Caulfield


Playing Xander's love interest on "Buffy" is not a stretch for the enchanting Emma starring in many TV Sitcoms such as "General Hospital" and "Saved by the bell".
Growing up in sunny San Diego, Emma moved into theatre as a teenager. Her experience landed her guest starring roles on television shows. She has acted opposite heartthrobs Don Johnson on "Nash Bridges" and Lorenzo Lamas on "Renegade". Her Favorite role though was starring in Saved by the bell as the Nurse which reminded her of stage acting.

Emma's breakthrough was her recurring character in the 1995-96 season of Beverly Hills 90210 as Brandon's love interest, Susan Keats. This exposure landed her the role of Anyanka, the patron saint of scorned women, on "Buffy". After losing her demonic powers, she has returned as the morally ambiguous Anya, who becomes Xander's plucky girlfriend.

While Emma loves working on "Buffy", she has a cynical attitude towards her career. She is not sure whether she will still be acting in 15 years time and that being that she already has a degree in Pyschology, she probably wont have to worry about making ends meat in 15 year