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In every generation there is a slayer, someone to fight against the vampires.

The TV Show, Buffy the Vampire slayer follows a 16 year old girl, who just moved away from her troubled past, her parent seperation and her explusion from her last school moves to Sunnydale, a quite town in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Buffy, unknowing watch she has let herself in for, realises that Sunnydale is strange, it has a sort of gothic genre to it. And when darkness falls, the town's atmosphere is as thick as ice, dark and mysterious. Why, because, what know one knows Sunnydale is on is on a Hellmouth. A energy force which attracts the evilest, most sadistic of creatures to, including the Vampires.

Buffy, along with her watch, (Rupert) Giles, her best friends, Willow, a Jewish girl who is really handy with computers, and Xander, a geeky 16 year old guy who has a secret crush on Buffy. Along with Cordelia, the girl who thinks more of herself than anyone else and the mysterious Dark Avenger, who goes by the name Angel. Can they stop the darkness. Watch and see.

Starring Sarah Michellel Gellar, Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendon, Anthony Stewart