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J.August Richards

(Charles Gunn)

J. August Richards was introduced on Angel last season playing a street-savvy vampire slayer and joins the cast this fall as a series regular. YEY!

J.August Richards ,was the first American-born child from a family which originated frrom Panama. Richards was raised in a bi-lingual language. Discovering his love for acting, he went into a performing arts high school and begun to appear in several plays a year. He was academically confident and determined to push his acting career, was determined to move out to Los Angeles from his home in Maryland. Richards applied to only one college which was the University of South Carolina, but he won various scholarships a grants to study theatre/

Upon graduation, Richards started to work steadily in the film, television and theatre industry. He played Taj Mahal in the Mark Taper's forum production of space as a rapping bike messenger that got him recognised and many reviews as aspiring young talent.

Richards has appeared in the feature films Why Do Fools Fall in Love? and Good Burge starring Television stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. His previous television work includes medical drama, Chicago Hope and The Practice and Tv films such as the Mutiny and Temptation.

In his free time, Richards enjoys painting and has developed an interest in astronomy since working on Space. He has travelled across the states and enjoys visiting his family in Panama.